Hina Amano (天野 陽菜 Amano Hina?) is the female protagonist of Tenki no Ko. She has an unusual supernatural power: to manipulate the weather and diving into the sky.


Hina is a young woman of average build and height with fair skin and large light blue eyes. She has straight, long blue-black hair which she ties into two low twin ponytails with black hair ties laid on her shoulders. She has long bangs and two locks of hair framing her face. She usually wears a white-grey hoodie over either a pink sleeveless dress with a black lace trim or a pink tank top with blue shorts. Additionally, she wears a blue-stone necklace and carries around a small dark grey canvas backpack. As of the ending of the official MV Grand Escape, she wears a small silver promise ring in the shape of a small wing given by Hodaka on her left ring finger.


Hina is shown to be a cheerful, sturdy and strong-willed girl. She is also a kind and caring young woman, as evidenced by her willingness to offer Hodaka a free burger and her newfound love for seeing people happy with her sunshine powers She is shown to hold strong familial bonds by taking care of her younger brother, Nagi Amano, after their mother's death, despite her being only 15.

Tenki no Ko

One day in a corner of the crowded and busy Tokyo metropolitan, Hina meets Hodaka Morishima, a first-year high school student and journalist who works for a shady occult magazine called the Monthly Paranormal Occult Journal. Due to unknown reasons, she resides in a shrine with her younger brother, living a cheerful and sturdy life. She works with Hodaka to "clear weather" services through their website. Hodaka doesn't know that Hina gradually weakens the more she uses her powers.

After taking lots of jobs, Hina and Hodaka went on hiatus. Hina revealed to Hodaka that she could fly and that her body is fading. Soon after, Hina was asked to leave her house to be taken care of under the government because she was underaged and Hodaka was also asked by Keisuke Suga to return home. They both decided to escape together, bringing Nagi Amano with them. After a long search for hotels and accommodation, they finally found a luxurious hotel to stay for the night. Hina then proceeded to ask Hodaka whether he wants the rain to disappear or not, Hodaka candidly responded yes without knowing the implications to Hina.

Hina disappeared the next morning and the weather in Japan returns to normal. She woke up in the clouds and was shocked that the ring Hodaka gave her fell down from the clouds. The ring fell down in front of a panicked Hodaka, who was searching for Hina. Hodaka was able to arrive at the shrine, evading the police force in the process, and begged Hina to return to him and let the weather break down again. Hina returns with Hodaka to the shrine, but Hodaka is forced to return to his home by the police.

Years later Hodaka visited Tokyo to search for Hina and found Hina praying to clear the weather, Hodaka called Hina out and Hina was both shocked and happy to see Hodaka. The film ends with them embracing each other once more.



Hina praying for the weather to change.

Hina possesses a unique and wonderful ability that grants her the power to stop the rain and clear the sky by praying. While using this ability, she can manipulate the weather as well as dive into the sky. However, there is one consequence of using this ability: the more Hina uses it, the more transparent her body becomes until one day, when she finally drains all of the power of her body, she will disappear into the sky.



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