Hodaka Morishima (森嶋 帆高 Morishima Hodaka?) is the male protagonist of Tenki no Ko.

Background Edit

Hodaka Morishima is a first-year high school student who lives in a detached island located in Japan. Growing bored with his lifestyle in the remote area of his native village, he decides to move to Tokyo. However, he finds himself living his life as a NEET against the high living cost in Tokyo, and soon becomes broke and falls into isolation, also known as hikikomori. However, he finally manages to get a job as a writer in a shady & small Monthly Paranormal Occult Editorial. After becoming a journalist, Hodaka is sent in a task to investigate the irregular weather in Japan. One day, in a corner of the crowded and busy Tokyo metropolitan, Hodaka meets a young bright and strong-willed girl named Hina Amano, who can manipulate the weather through her prayer, and then begins exploring the undiscovered truth of the world with her.

Appearance Edit

Hodaka is a teenager of average build and height with tan skin and light brown eyes. He has short, slightly messy black hair with soft forelocks and bangs that hang over his eyes. He wears either a white or black plain t-shirt, four-quarter rare-folded jeans, pair of white sneakers with two red stripes, and he carries around a small, yellow messenger shoulder-type backpack with him.

Personality Edit

Hodaka appears to be a courageous boy. He is impulsive and irrational, which plays a contributing factor that seals the ultimate fate of Tokyo. He also seems to have a myriad of reasons for leaving his home, among them being boredom, seeking the thrill of adventure and even escaping his abusive father. This abuse (as mentioned in the light novel) may be the reason he negatively talks about home, let alone wanting to return.

Relationships Edit

At first it appears he needs Hina for earning money but we also notice that he has started liking Hina from the start when she changed the weather by her power and slowly his love for her grows.

He is also something of an older brother figure to Nagi.

Nothing much is known about his relationship with his parents in the film, although the light novelization reveals that his father abused him for an uncounted number of times.

Etymology Edit

Morishima (森嶋) means "luxuriant island", while Hodaka (帆高) means "high sail.


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