Keisuke Suga (須賀圭介, Suga Keisuke?) is a writer from a small editing studio and one of the three tritagonists of Tenki no Ko.

Background Edit

Keisuke came from a distinguished family of legislators, so his parents had high expectations for him, yet he was overshadowed by his more brilliant older brother (Natsumi's father). Like Hodaka Morishima, he ran away from his hometown to Tokyo when he was a teen, where he met and married Asuka Mamiya, and gave birth to their daughter Moka. A few years before 2021, his wife passed away in an accident, and her mother took Moka's custody from him. He founded K&A Planning Co., Ltd., which was presumably named after his name "Keisuke" and his wife's name "Asuka".

Appearance Edit

Keisuke is a tall and slender middle-aged man with curly brown hair and narrow black eyes. He wears a silver wedding ring on his left ring finger and occasionally wears black-rimmed glasses.

Personality Edit

Although he has a kind heart, Keisuke is deeply troubled by the death of his wife and his daughter's asthma, which makes him fall into alcoholism and smoking. His struggle to take back Moka's custody also makes him a coward as he quickly fires Hodaka to avoid getting in trouble with the law when approached by the police. However, his grief for his wife also leads him to heroic acts as he empathizes Hodaka's desperation to save Hina Amano. Unlike his niece, Keisuke doesn't believe in supernatural stories and only pursues them for money.

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