Nagisa "Nagi" Amano (天野 凪, Amano Nagi?) is Hina's younger brother who is an elementary student and one of the three tritagonists of Tenki no Ko. Despite being young, he is popular with the girls due to his "mature behavior".

Appearance Edit

Nagi is a young boy with silky chin-length hair which reaches where he tucks behind his ears. He is also quite similar to his sister as they have black hair with a dark blue hue and blue eyes, but the only difference is that Nagi has a darker shade of blue.

Personality Edit

Nagi is a confident boy who is popular with the girls his age, and seems to be a bit of a playboy. His maturity and knowledge concerning girls belies his age, convincing even Hodaka to refer to him as "sempai." He possesses a caring side and a sense of self-awareness evidenced by his desire to see his sister experience a normal teenager's life, as she does a lot for him.

Tenki no Ko Edit

Nagi is an elementary school student who Hodaka witnesses smooth talking girls on the bus. They are properly introduced by Hina when Hodaka discovers he is Hina's younger brother. He does what he can to help his sister in her Sunshine Girl ventures, and is supportive of Hodaka's feelings towards her.

Etymology Edit

Amano (天野) means "sky field", while Nagi (凪) means "calm" (weather).

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